Program Information

These sessions prioritize the ball mastery skills such as dribbling, passing, and shooting to sharpen players’ abilities and boost their confidence on the field.


Tyrese Edwards, expert soccer technical trainer representing his NCAA university and Trinidad.

  • Ages: U7 – U15

  • Location & Schedule: Click Here

  • Program Cost: $240

  • Duration: 6 Sessions

What to Bring:

  • Shoes:

    • Fields:

      • Indoor – Any Turf Field

        • Only Turf shoes are allowed, no soccer cleats are allowed

        • No food is allowed inside the dome. A $100 fine will be charged to the academy for any food spills, consequently, the fine will be passed to the parent responsible

      • Indoor Gym (schools & non-school gyms)

        • Running or indoor soccer shoes are allowed

        • Parents are not allowed in school gyms as per policies, it is only a “pick and drop”

        • Parents are allowed to wait in the seating areas in non-school gyms

      • Outdoor Field:

        • Only Soccer Cleats are allowed

  • Shin pads are mandatory and must be worn underneath the socks

  • Hydration is very important during physical activity. We highly recommend buying refillable sports water bottles and refrain from single-use bottles to save the environment. Also please bring adequate amount of water.

  • All players must bring their own soccer Balls:

    • Ages 4-7: Ball Size 3

    • Ages 8-11: Ball Size 4

    • Ages 12+: Ball Size 5